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Young people digging a test pit.

Petersfield Big Dig:
14-31 July 2023

What is it?


The Petersfield Big Dig takes place in Petersfield, Hampshire, from 14 to 31 July 2023.  During the annual British Festival of Archaeology we will be carrying out a new exploration on an exciting site in Petersfield, on land owned by the Town Council. Although the dig will be undertaken by members, we hope that local residents including children will be able to participate to some extent and watch our progress. More information on the specific activities can be seen on the Events page.


Members of the public will be able to take part in some activities. The event is registered with the British Festival of Archaeology.

The event is being organised by Liss Archaeology, the community archaeology group for East Hampshire with over 130 volunteer members working under the supervision of professional archaeologists, who have experience of archaeology excavations on Romano-British sites at Liss Roman Villa, Colemore and sites near Petersfield as well as the recent Alton Big Digs. Read here about how we prepare for the Big Dig.

The Big Dig is taking place in collaboration with Petersfield Town Council, Petersfield Museum and the Petersfield Area Historical SocietyWe hope to see you there this summer - look here for more details of the events!

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Join Us

Interested in joining our group?  Membership costs just £20 a year.
Volunteers digging a test pit.
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