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Avenue Playing Fields

14 July 2024

The Avenue


1.00 pm:

Official opening and visit to the Dig by Petersfield's Town Mayor, Cllr J C Crissey

Avenue Playing Fields

July 2024:

  • Sat 13th

  • Sun 14th

  • Tue 16th

  • Thu 18th

  • Sat 20th

  • Sun 21st

  • Tue 23rd

  • Thu 25th

  • Sat 27th

  • Sun 28th

The Avenue


11.00am to 4.00pm on dates shown:

  • Information stand for Dig site visitors.

  • Children's activities.

Please note that Liss Archaeology, as part of its health and safety policy and as required by its liability insurance, undertakes risk assessments of its activities.

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