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About Liss Archaeology


Liss Archaeology (LA) was formed 20 years ago with help from a National Lottery grant to explore and excavate a Roman villa found in a field in West Liss, during construction of the new A3. On completion of this project the group, now a community archaeology group with over 130 volunteer members working under the supervision of professional archaeologists, kept the original name but extended their range of explorations across the whole of East Hampshire. Current and recent projects include the Alton Big Dig and exploration of Romano-British sites at Colemore (near the A32), Stroud (just west of Petersfield), Weston, and joint projects with the National Trust at Hinton Ampner. Ludshott and Grayshott.

Many LA members took part in the Heath Project, exploring prehistoric barrows on Petersfield Heath. Several are also members of the Petersfield Area Historical Society. It is through these connections that LA has been encouraged by the Town Council to run the Petersfield Big Dig during the British Festival of Archaeology in the last fortnight of July 2023.

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